EMF stands for Electromagnetic Frequencies which are emitted both naturally and artificially in our environment. Artificial EMFs are often called Non-Native Electromagnetic Frequencies. Any device that is powered by a battery or electricity will often emit EMF radiation into our environment. Think of everyday items such as your smart phone, microwave oven, television, WIFI router and Bluetooth enabled devices, these all emit EMF radiation into your surrounding environment.

The most common type of EMF radiation we talk about is artificial blue light. Studies are clear that blue light damages your sleep and circadian rhythms, which is why we recommended using blue light blocking glasses after sunset to block blue light. EMF radiation falls on something called the electromagnetic spectrum. From visible light all the way up to gamma rays, the electromagnetic spectrum houses all different types of electromagnetic radiation.

As you can see there are two types of radiation that are categorised on the electromagnetic spectrum: Ionising and ion-ionising radiation.

Ionising Radiation is very harmful to human health and these ionizing EMFs literally split open atoms. Ionising radiation comes in the form of nuclear radiation and gamma rays as a couple of examples. EMF blocking products offered at BON CHARGE are not designed to target ionising radiation.

Non-Ionising Radiation is radiated from electronic devices and cell towers. Bluetooth, WIFI and cellular signals (4G and 5G) are all types of EMF radiation which is lower in energy than ionising radiation.

Experts seem divided on the dangers of non-ionising EMF radiation with some stating there is nothing to be worried about and others saying we should be concerned. Long term studies on the dangers of EMF radiation are still to be produced as this type of radiation has not been around for long meaning a long-term study cannot yet be done.

Types of EMF Radiation

EMF radiation is ubiquitous, but we can add to the levels of EMF radiation in our environment by using devices that emit EMF radiation. There are two main categories of EMF radiation that BON CHARGE EMF radiation blocking products target.

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Radiation – 0.1Hz to 300Hz

ELF radiation is often found in battery powered products and is extremely low energy. ELF radiation often stays inside the device or only travels around the immediate vicinity of the device

Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation – 300Hz to 30GHz

RF radiation encompasses a network of different frequencies that transport signals over larger distances. Cell towers are often used as conduits to pass signals from one device to another over large distances. For example, a text message or phone call, 5G cellular signals and radio waves are all forms of RF radiation which must travel large distances. WIFI and Bluetooth are forms of RF radiation which travel shorter distances.

It is worth noting that RF radiation that must travel further requires more power to do so, meaning the energy in these electromagnetic frequencies can be stronger.

Radio frequency radiation is a form of microwave energy and something we subject ourselves to every day by just being in a major city, office, or your home.

Should I be Concerned about EMF Radiation?

Whilst there are no long-term studies on the impact of EMF radiation on our health it does not mean there is no risk. Until firm evidence from clinical trials emerge to state whether EMF radiation is or is not harmful to us in the long term it’s best to take a precautionary approach and limit your exposure to EMF radiation. By limiting your use of digital devices and using EMF protection products you can help reduce levels of non-ionising EMF radiation in your environment.

Why Choose BON CHARGE for EMF Radiation Protection?

If you have a cell phone, use a laptop or have WIFI or Bluetooth in your environment you may wish to reduce your exposure to it. There are many companies who offer EMF radiation blocking products so it can be hard to choose the best one for your needs.

All BON CHARGE EMF radiation blocking products have been independently lab tested to block up to 99% of EMF radiation to 30GHz. This is the gold standard of at home EMF radiation protection as this covers blocking Bluetooth, WIFI, cell tower and cellular networks, including the 5G spectrum.

If you are looking to reduce levels of EMF radiation at home, in the office or whilst you travel, we have your covered. Our full suite of EMF protection products has been the staple for many families around the world looking to limit EMF exposure. From blankets, hats, earphones, phone pouches and laptop mats we have your covered.

Come check out our full offering of EMF radiation blocking products and start limiting the EMF radiation in your environment today.


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